working procedures of shaping machine

4. Set the work piece in the vise with parallel blocks at the bottom. 5. All cutting force should be against the fixed jaw of the vise. 6. Machine the side 1. (It is the surface having the largest area) 7. Machine side 2, with side 1 resting against the fixed jaw. 8. Machine side 3, opposite to side 2 with side 1 resting against the fixed jaw. 9.

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(i) Demonstrate the configurations and functions of shaping machine, planing machine and slotting machine (ii) Illustrate the kinematic systems and explain the working principles of shaping machine, planing machine and slotting machine (iii) Show and describe the various machining applications of shaping, planing and slotting machines.

Make sure the guard is in position, is in good working condition, and guards the machine adequately before operating any equipment or machine. Check and adjust all other safety devices. Make sure the equipment is properly grounded before use. Check that keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from the machine before turning on the power.

A shaper is a type of machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the workpiece and a single-point cutting tool to machine a linear toolpath. Its cut is analogous to that of a lathe , except that it is (archetypally) linear instead of helical .

Exercise common sense and clarify before starting work; Never Leave Your Work Area in Mess – Always Clean Up After Yourself. Before you leave your work site all tools must be returned to the toolbox, the machine cleaned and wiped down and the floor swept. Leave 10-15 minutes for cleanup at the end of your shift.

Universal table method – If the universal table is available in the shaping machine, then the table can be tilted to the required position and the work is fitted on that. The machining is done as usual to obtain the required angular surface.

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7 Sheet and plate metalwork ... The procedure for bending sheet metal in a folding machine is as follows: 1. Clamping. In clamping, the amount of lift of the clamping beam is important. ... the work. Some folding machines, known as universal folders, have swing beams.

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Introduction to rubber processing and safety issues ... accidents take place during repairs or to clear blockages etc. and there must be procedures in place to ensure that . ... using specialised machines capable of dealing with the high stresses involved in shearing rubber.

Ensure that: (1) the operator and machine are equipped with the safety accessories suitable for the hazards of the job, (2) the machine and safety equipment are in proper working condition, and (3) the machine operator is properly trained.

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process using thermoplastic sheet or film. Employees load the roll of plastic sheet or film on the roll-fed thermoformer roll stand and then thread it through the end feed rollers.

Introduction: The shaper is a machine tool used primarily for: 1. Producing a flat or plane surface which may be in a horizontal, a vertical or an angular plane. 2. Making slots, grooves and keyways. 3. Producing contour of concave/convex or a combination of these. Working Principle: The job is rigidly fixed on the machine table. The single ...

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Working with shaping process Gear shaper cutter are used for cutting gears that cannot be done with hobbing, such as internal gears and shoulder gears. When cutting a spline with removed tooth, combined tooth or unbalanced tooth thickness, normally shaper cutters are used.

Shaping Machine. DO NOT use this machine unless a teacher has instructed . you in its safe use and operation and has given permission. Safety glasses must be worn at all times in work areas.

power equipment. This chapter will cover procedures for servicing, maintaining, and setting up the work, proper methods of selecting tools, and work holding devices to get the job done safely without causing damage to the equipment, yourself, or someone nearby. USES A drilling machine, called a drill press, is used to cut holes

standard procedures for safe equipment use and work processes (for example, driv-ing fork lifts, operating saws or locking out • Due to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) emphasis program on mechanical power presses Wayne-Dalton conducted comprehensive, machine-guarding evaluations. The com-

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Safe Operating Procedure (Revised 8/15) GENERAL MACHINE SAFETY _____ This SOP is intended to provide general safety guidance for power-driven (including manually operated) stationary machines and equipment used to shape and/or form metal, wood, or other materials by cutting, impact, pressure, electrical or other processing techniques.

Keep clear of moving machine parts. Follow correct clamping procedures. Keep overhangs as small as possible and check work piece is secure. Ensure you have selected correct speed and rate. Ensure you have set the correct depth of cut. ENDING OPERATIONS AND CLEANING UP. Switch off the machine when work completed.

Set up and use transportable cutting and shaping machines ... 9 application of knowledge for safe work practices, procedures and skills, relating to the method/area of work and materials used, to 9.1 check transportable cutting and shaping machines (fuel and electric mains/battery) for serviceability ...

Sep 04, 2013· shaping machine:Ram with a planer, for linear reciprocating motion of the planer to live, because the shape of the ram turret front Tau named. Shaper is mainly used for single and small batch ...

The Shaper The machine tool used for shaping operation is called shaper. It is designed for machining flat surfaces on small sized jobs.If the size of the job is large, then planing is used. In a shaper , the work piece is held stationary during cutting, while the tool reciprocates horizontally. the feed and depth of cut are normally provided by moving the work.

Fasten the work securely in a jig. When a table guide pin is used, make sure it is adjusted and will not slip. Cut with the grain rather than against it. Remove all other blades when one blade is removed from the shaper spindle. This will prevent the other blades from being hurled from the spindle if the machine …

Bending and forming plate using power operated machines SEMFWE2-36 Bending and forming plate using power operated machines 3 Knowledge and understanding You need to know and understand: K1 the specific safety precautions to be taken when working with power-operated bending and forming equipment such as press brakes or/and

Lecture 8. Metal Cutting Cutting processes work by causing fracture of the material that is processed. Usually, the portion that is fractured away is in small sized pieces, called chips. Common cutting processes include sawing, shaping (or planing), broaching, drilling, grinding, turning and milling. Although the actual machines, tools and

The shaper is a relatively simple machine. It is used fairly often in the toolroom or for machining one or two pieces for prototype work. Tooling is simple, and shapers do not always require operator attention while cutting. The horizontal shaper is the most common type, and its principal components ...

Boring machines come in a large variety of sizes and styles. Boring operations on small workpieces can be carried out on a lathe while larger workpieces are machined on boring mills. Workpieces are commonly 1 to 4 metres (3 ft 3 in to 13 ft 1 in) in diameter, but can be as large as 20 m (66 ft).

7.5 Describe how to apply safe work practices, follow procedures, report problems and establish the authority needed to rectify them, to: – check powered transportable cutting and shaping machines (fuel and electric mains/battery) for serviceability – check voltage requirements, safety cut …

Safe Working Procedures and Instruction Shaping Machine The risk of injury when using this is SUBSTANTIAL – Level 3 Risk The shaping machine is used to produce flat, stepped, grooved, slots and inclined surfaces on metal. The work is fixed to the table of the machine and the cutting tool passes forward and backwards over the work.